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The Egyptian Contracting Co. Al-ABD

The Egyptian Contracting Co.AL-ABD,Founded in 1917 ,by Al Abd Basha, One of the Subsidiaries of The Holding Company for Construction & Development.
in 1951 was re-established as an Egyptian shareholding Co in 1961 became a wholly state-owned.
the company is categorized as first level in all construction works and an Egyptian member in commercial, building and wooden sector.

The Egyptian Contracting Co. (AL-Abd) one of the leading companies in the field of Construction and evidenced by the full record of experience since its establishment.

The company has successfully played a major role in the development of the national economy according to the general policy of the state in the execution fields such as : 

  • Industrial projects, iron and steel complex, power plants, Fertilizer factories, mills

  • Social and luxury housing projects

  • Touristic resorts projects

  • Water &Waste water treatment plant projects

  • Roads and bridges projects

  • Educational, administrative, services, healthy buildings

  • Major projects in Kuwait, Iraq and Libya

  • Real Estate Investment projects, Garden City Resort in 6 of October City and Residential and commercial Building at Elwailly

The company is experiencing a new and ambitious thought according to a comprehensive and integrated plan for enhancing its development and performance to be distinguished among Egyptian construction companies

So, keen is the company management so as to raise its service quality level that is why they decide to improve continuously its employee performance in all sectors to fit advanced technology requirements whereas the company provide : 

  • Providing intensive training to raise the technical and administrative competencies of the company's employees

  • Enhancing its information center with all competent, qualified engineers, technicians and administrators who trained by experts in that field

  • Supporting and increasing the production capacity by new equipments.

  • Using automation technology to follow through its ongoing projects

  • Restructuring financial and disposal of the old debt burden

  • Openning new businesses channels in real estate and agriculture projects to widen its profit.

that is why the company is keen to hire most talented engineers, technicians, administrator in all its department

moreover, the company provides them with a good environment, where special medical, social, entertainment care is provided


El Abd basha

Vision : 

  • Keen to be our customers choice with our distinguished , cultural and well designed projects by our competent engineers according to most qualitative standards with a reasonable costs to increase customers profit.

Mission : 

  • To be dynamic team can provide the highest level of performance and the latest technology in its construction projects for the development of society and achieve its strategic objectives


Eng . / Aly El Sawy Mohamed El Sadek

Chaiman of board of Directors and Deputy Member


Eng. \Said Fattouh Mahmoud Abdel Mawla


Acc. \ Alaa El Din Mohamed Hamada Ahmed

Vice Chaiman of board of Directors

for technical affairs & Execution


Vice Chaiman of board of Directors

for the financial & Administrative Affairs

 Elected Member

Eng./ Magdi Gergis Ibrahim Ghebryal

Eng./ Naser Saeed Shedid Sallam

Chairmen who developed the company with their efforts and promoted it since company establishment now.

Dr.Eng./ Ahmed Moharam

from 20/7/1961 to 21/4/1962

Eng./ Fathy Hassain Roshdy

from 22/4/1962 to 6/2/1965

Eng./ Ahmed Gamil Shanab

from 7/2/1965 to 15/7/1973

Eng./ Mohsen Idris

from 16/7/1973 to 16/9/1974

Eng./ Shafik Abdoh Kerlis

from 17/9/1974 to 29/3/1975

Eng./ HassabAllah Mohamed Al Kafrawy

from 30/3/1975 to 12/6/1975

Eng./ Hassain Abdel Fatah Al Hemsany

from 13/6/1975 to 28/2/1978

Eng./ Gamal EL Din Taha Al Shafey

from 1/3/1978 to 4/6/1983

Eng./ Youssef Abdel Rahman Wahdan

from 5/6/1983 to 18/8/1984

Eng./ Samy Taha Khalifa

from 19/8/1984 to 26/10/1986

Eng./ Hassan Aly Hassain Abd El Metaal

from 27/10/1986 to 26/8/1992

Eng./ Ahmed Mohamed Al Sayed

from 26/8/1992 to 29/1/2001

Eng./ Ahmed Fouad Abdel Mouezz

from 29/1/2001 to 31/11/2002

Eng./ Mohamed Ahmed Abd-El Raoof

from 1/12/2002 till 21/12/2014

Eng./ Mostafa Nasrat Mohamed Gab Allah

from 21/12/2014 till 12/1/2016

Eng./ Aly El Sawy Mohamed El Sadek

from 12/1/2016 till now

The Egyptian contracting company is considered one of the pioneering national companies in Egypt. Due to its achievements, the company became a giant in all fields of construction industry in Egypt and abroad.

It was established by El Abd pasha in 1917, then it was re-established as the Egyptian contracting company by the royal decree issued on July 1951.

In 1961, the State had a share in the company’s capital, and then it was totally owned to the State.

According to the Public work sector’s Law, the company became affiliated to the National company for construction and development (Egyptian stock holding company).

During this long period, the company executed major projects in different fields such as sanitary drainage and potable water projects, factories, public buildings, roads, bridges, electric stations, touristic villages, housing, industrial works related to irrigation projects, as well as real estate and agriculture investment in Egypt and in Arab states (Iraq- Libya- Kuwait).

The variety of the company’s activities facilitated the orientation of manpower to the activity that generates more profits and with the highest performance.


Eng. Aly El Sawy Mohamed El Sadek